SHIMANO BIKE NYC is Shimano's first urban concept pop-up store in NYC,
where people can experience the thrill of an urban lifestyle with cutting-edge bikes.
We officially closed on August 20th, 2017 after our two months operation.
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Cycling and Coffee: A Perfect Match

Date Posted: January 10, 2018

January 10th 2018, at SHIMANO BIKE NYC

At either end of the bridge throughout all five boroughs, you’ll find a coffee shop. It’s no coincidence that coffee shops are so prevalent in New York City as they provide a quick stop for cyclists to enjoy an energy boost as they commute to work and school or as they go for a cruise on a sunny New York day. At our recent Shimano’s official pop-up store, SHIMANO BIKE NYC, we partnered with Regalia Company, providers of specialty roasted coffee beans for the store. We found this partnership to be a match made in heaven and cyclists around the city enjoyed stopping in the look at our bikes but also to pick up a good cup of joe.

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